In addition to the standard features that come with our motorhomes, we have a variety of extras available too. Below you can find some of the extras that we offer our customers:


SCDW (motorhome) or GP (camper) Insurance


This insurance offers the same coverage as the CDW insurance, which is included with all of our motorhome rentals. However, the amount that you are liable for is reduced with this plan. 

Additional Driver


The standard agreement allows you to have one driver covered. However, this extra allows you to add as many drivers as you like. Depending on the motorhome rental, that you select this may be included in your rental agreement. 

GPS (satellite navigation system)


If you want to make sure that you are aware of everything and not just, what is on the standard map, adding on GPS may be ideal. 

Child Seat


All children who are less than 135cm have to travel in a child seat. Make sure you inform us of your child’s height and weight so we can have the appropriate seat available. You are responsible for making sure that your child is in the seat at all times when the vehicle is moving.



This device will convert the 12V DC power from your car battery to 23V AC power that you can utilize to power various devices. It is not available with all models though.

Bed Linen Pack


If you want to save space in your luggage, we have a linen pack available for you to rent. It includes a blanket, a pillow, and sheets and covers. If you rent from the Camper for 2 ranges you will also be able to rent sleeping bags.

Towel Pack


We have towels available for rent too (only motorhome). You will receive one large and one small towel depending on the vehicle that you rent.

Table and Chair Set


Norway is full of sunny days and with this table and chair set, you can get out and enjoy them.


This set is ideal for picnics or late night barbecues. It comes with one table and enough chairs for all of your passengers.


Snow Chains


You can get this extra to ensure that you have maximum traction when driving through ice and snow.

Winter Tires


This extra is available from November to Mars. You receive one complete set. You are required by law to use snow tires between November and Mars in Norway. 

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