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Cars Norway is happy to help you with your booking. Whether it be deciding on the interior size, horsepower needed for driving up hill or choosing from all-terrain vehicles, we offer our expertise on every rental we work on. We know that renting a vehicle is a personal matter so whatever the detail about our cars, offers or services, no need to worry: we are here for you!


Cars Norway: The best way to rent a car in Norway.


Many rental websites are cumbersome, difficult to use and don’t provide answers to the smallest but important questions customers may have. We pride ourselves in full transparency and 24-hour assistance with any rental. All of our vehicles are top-notch. After a thorough procurement search that lives up to our high-quality standards and meticulous safety requirements, we only choose the best vehicles that satisfy us and all driving laws and state and national requirements.


Our cars are dependable to the max. We hold vehicles from some of the top world car manufacturers such as Ford, Hyundai, Suzuki and Toyota in both manual and automatic transmissions, gasoline or diesel-powered. You choose, no problem! Norway is jam-packed with magnificent outdoor adventures. We specifically picked off-road and all-terrain vehicles that would bode well with the Norwegian landscape in mind. Doesn’t matter where you choose to venture off to, we will surely have what you need for your trip to be a successful and fun adventure.


Convenience is a key component of our mission. A company can have the best products but then it can be an absolute hassle to book cars through or making changes to a reservation can be quite an ordeal. Since we too are travelers, we know what it’s like to book cars abroad. Because of this, we have focused many man hours on the convenience factor of our website: easy to use, practical and transparent. A great example of how we implement this is by offering you to have one of our reps will bring you directly to your hotel or we can meet you at any location in Oslo. Just tell us and we’ll show up. Our offices are located in many of Norway’s major cities. There are options for direct pick up and drop off to and from these locations.


Every year cars are made a bit more eco-friendly than the previous year. We update our fleet constantly and most of our vehicles are 2015/2016 models. Lighter on the pocket due to updated fuel efficiency and better for the environment. Plus, everyone loves newer cars.


About Cars Norway


Cars Norway is a part of the Be Local Buy Local Ltd Group. Our offices are based in Oslo, Norway. We have dedicated many years to the Scandinavian Car Rental markets. Since we are from the region, no one better can provide hands on, local and grassroots information about the sights, culture and terrain, better than a local--Local for Worldwide.


We invite you to chat with us via email or Skype. Just email us at or Skype chat us anytime. Cars Norway, hands down the best website to satisfy all your travel needs when it comes to booking newer cars at a fair price with absolutely professional and friendly customer service. Get to know Fjords Norway with us!


Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway - Norway Car Rental
A large selection of brand new vehicles
Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway

Small Size

Cars Norway

Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway

Medium Size

Cars Norway

Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway

Premium Size

Cars Norway

  • Unlimited km/miles

  • CDW Insurance Included

  • CD Player / Mp3 

  • Heating system

  • 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance

  • Brand new vehicles



Hadakal (Oslo)

Ramfjordbotn (Tromsø)

Blomsterdalen (Bergen)

Heimdal (Trohndheim)

Tel: +47 23 50 21 55

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Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway
Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway


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Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway
Car Rental Norway - Cars Norway

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