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All About Bergen, Norway

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bergen (Hordaland county) is the second largest city in Norway, with a total area of 445 km² (171.815sq miles) followed by Oslo, the capital of this lovely country. Bergen population in 2020 is about 283,929 and despite those numbers, you will feel like it is a small village, but with a lot of the interesting features of a big city, which makes Bergen a very appealing destination for both inside the country visitors and foreigners. In this post, we will honor its title and speak about the most interesting facts, things to do, how to get there, what’s the weather like and much more. Let’s start!

Spectacular view of the old Hanseatic Wharf - All about Bergen, Norway

Facts about Bergen

Whenever I look for a new destination to visit, I love to know about facts that make each place distinctive and unique. Here are some very interesting facts about Bergen:


Bergen probably has more nicknames than any other city in this country. Some of them are:

‘The city of the seven mountains’, ‘The gateway to the Fjords’, ‘The fjord Capital’, ‘The rainiest city in Europe’, ‘The heart of the fjords’ and some even call it ‘the most beautiful city in the world’. These nicknames are well deserved to be honest.

Rainiest city in Europe

It rains 231 days per year and this does not have to be an issue, there are still plenty of indoor activities, and the outdoor is just as enjoyable if you bring a nice umbrella and the right clothes.

Bergen has a twin

Not a real twin of course, but Seattle is as rainy as Bergen, so they are sister cities.

Erna Solberg was born in Bergen

The Prime Minister of Norway is from Bergen, born and raised, she studied in the University of Bergen, one of the best ones in Norway.

Bergen is working on the world’s longest cycle tunnel

That is right, the tunnel will be 2.9 kilometers long (1.8 miles) and will have a hundred security cameras to prevent crimes. Thanks to this tunnel, which will be inaugurated in 2023, people will save 20 minutes getting from Fyllingsdalen to Bergen city center since now that route will be done in roughly 9 minutes.

Norway’s longest and deepest fjord is near Bergen

Sognefjord is located in the middle of Fjord Norway and stretches 204 kilometers (127 miles) inland in the northern coast of Bergen.

Snowy day in Bergen in Bryggen - All about Bergen, Norway

The weather in Bergen

When visiting a new place, it is of great importance to know what to expect when it comes to the weather and temperatures. Norway is a Scandinavian country, so you can expect cold-rainy days pretty much all year round. Bergen is one of the wettest cities in Europe, and like I previously mentioned, on average, it rains 231 days a year. Regarding the temperatures, the coldest month is January, the average high temperature is 4.4°C (39,9 °F) and the average low is 0.1°C (32.2°F). The warmest month is July, with a high average of 20.7°C (69.3°F) and a low average of 13.2°C (55.8°F). Advice: despite of the month you visit, always bring the correct gear for rainy days.

Bergen fjords

As I previously mentioned, Bergen is often called ‘the gateway to the Fjords’ and that could not be more accurate as Bergen is actually located in the middle of Fjord Norway, where you will find thousands of fjords with different shapes, forms, sizes and all of them with a unique beauty.


It is the second longest fjord in Norway and also the fourth longest in the world with 180km (111 mi) and is located 80km (50mi) south of Bergen. This immense fjord is also company to one of the longest glaciers in the country, the Folgefonna. There, you will find as well Sørfjorden which is its longest arm with 38 kilometers (23 miles). I highly recommend you to see this fjord, you will be astounded by the orchards and their fruit trees blossoming along the branches.


The closest distance from Bergen to Sognefjord is 79 km (49 mi.) There are buses from the city that will get you to the fjord in 2 hours and half. Sognefjord, also known as: ‘The king of the Fjords’ is the second longest fjord in the world and the longest one in Norway as I mentioned before. Not only it is the longest, but also the deepest, reaching a depth of 1,308 meters (4,291 feet).

The most interesting fact about the king of the Fjords, aside from the fact that it is the longest one in Norway of course, is that one of its branches is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, the Nærøyfjord and oh, it is also the narrowest fjord in the world. Besides, Nærøyfjord is one of the most unspoiled travel destinations.

Incredible panoramic view of Bergen Harbor - All about Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway - Things to do

Bergen has some of the most interesting places in all Scandinavia, that is why is it one of the most visited cities in Norway and preferred by many visitors around the globe. Besides from encouraging you to visit both fjords that I have just wrote about, there are a few things to do in Bergen and you should not miss.

Visit the old Bergen Museum

The open-air museum will give you a glance of what the city was like back in the 19th century. As buildings and houses were all wooden built, the fires did their thing and destroyed the villages many times. Hence the importance of this museum, it shows how the city really was before. Opening hours and prices can be seen here.

Bergen fish market

Having the busiest seaport in Norway, you can imagine that this market holds hundreds of treasures and different sea products. But worry not if you are not into seafood, there are also a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and local handmade crafts to bring home.


The most popular part of Bergen. Here you will find those picturesque wooden houses and buildings that formed the old Hanseatic Wharf which is, by the way, part of the UNESCO World heritage sites. Visit the wharf and enjoy the little museum in it, the enchanting cafés and shops that this colorful and magic place offers.

How to get from Oslo to Bergen

These are the two major cities in Norway and the most popular ones as well. Knowing how to get there is important, and your needs might change depending on your schedule, so here are some ways you can get from Oslo to Bergen:


There are about 20 daily flights between Oslo and Bergen, and the flight duration is roughly 55 minutes. This is indeed the best option to tight-scheduled travelers.


This is possibly the best way to travel if you have time. The drive takes 7-8 hours, but that number goes up if you stop at different places, and that is exactly why I said it is the best way to travel. You get to see every highlight along the road and at your own pace. If you are traveling with an RV, I highly recommend you to do a two-day trip, to get the most of both regions.

By train

The train passes through incredible landscapes. This means of transport will ensure a worry-free experience if you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while getting to Bergen.

Train Oslo-Bergen in a snowy mountain by the river - All about Bergen, Norway

All about Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a city full of surprises: diverse, unique, and very entertaining. Despite the rain, Bergen will reward you with its charm and the warmth of its residents.

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