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VW Caddy Camper

Volkswagen’s Caddy mini camper is perfect for your Norwary camping and driving adventure. It comes with special features and is fully equipped to accompany you as you take an unforgettable adventure through Norway’s breathtaking landscapes. It’s an easy, comfortable way to travel, and best of all, won’t break your budget. Consider the mini camper one of your travel companions as you make your way around Scandinavia on the trip of a lifetime.  


Your VW Caddy easily seats four passengers and you’ll find that it handles beautifully. When you’re ready to rest, you’ve got comfortable sleeping arrangements in the back. And with unlimited mileage, you’re free to roam from the northernmost tip of Norway all the way to the south. So what are you waiting for? Hop on in, adventure awaits.

Campervan norway
  • Unlimited km/miles

  • Seats / Bed for 2 people

  • Crockery, cutlery and kitchenware

  • Sleeping Bags (optional)

  • Mattres 200x120

  • 5L watercontainer

  • WiFi Internet Connection 

  • Gas Stove (Primus)

  • Slide out table

  • 2014 Model

  • Electrical Heater

  • Camping Table and chairs (optional)

  • Electrical cooler

  • Winter Tires (optional)

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Discover Norway's Beauty with a Campervan Rental

Embarking on a journey through Norway's breathtaking landscapes becomes an unparalleled experience with a campervan rental. This travel option offers adventurers the ultimate freedom to explore Norway's rugged coastlines, enchanting forests, and majestic fjords at their own pace. Campervan hire in Norway is designed to cater to the needs of modern explorers, providing a comfortable and flexible way to immerse oneself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Nordic country.


With your home on wheels, you can spontaneously decide to stay by a serene lake, venture into the heart of the wilderness, or find a cozy spot under the Northern Lights. This mode of travel not only simplifies logistics but also adds a sense of adventure to your Norwegian escapade, making every sunrise and sunset an event to look forward to.

The Perfect Campervan Hire in Norway

Norway's vast and varied landscapes are a camper's paradise, and there's no better way to experience this than through campervan hire. Norway's well-maintained roads and abundance of camping spots make it an ideal destination for those looking to blend exploration with comfort. Renting a campervan in Norway allows travelers to navigate through scenic routes, from the iconic Atlantic Road to the tranquil pathways of the fjordlands, with the freedom to stop and admire the views whenever the heart desires.


The convenience of having your accommodation and transportation combined means you can venture further into the untouched wilderness or stay close to bustling cities, all on your own terms. Campervan rental in Norway is more than just a travel option; it's a gateway to experiencing the country's natural wonders, cultural sites, and hidden gems in a way that's both adventurous and homey, ensuring a memorable journey through the land of the midnight sun.

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