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Discovering the Ryfast Tunnel: Norway's Underwater Marvel

Norway is a country where engineering marvels meet the rugged beauty of nature, and the Ryfast Tunnel is a prime example of this blend. 

This impressive structure not only stands as a testament to modern engineering but also offers a new way to explore the stunning landscapes of Norway.

Ryfast Tunnel in Norway

Where is Ryfast Tunnel

The Ryfast Tunnel system serves as a vital link beneath the waters of the Ryfylke fjord, connecting the city of Stavanger with the municipality of Strand in Rogaland county. This route not only shortens travel time but also enhances the connectivity between these regions, making it easier for travelers and locals alike to explore the beauty of Norway's fjord country.

How Long is Ryfast Tunnel

Spanning an impressive length, the Ryfast Tunnel claims the title of the world's longest undersea road tunnel. With its 14.3 kilometers (about 8.9 miles) stretching beneath the sea, it offers a unique journey through the depths, connecting lands that were once only reachable by ferry.

Ryfast Tunnel Map

How Deep is Ryfast Tunnel

Delving up to 292 meters (nearly 958 feet) below sea level at its deepest point, the Ryfast Tunnel is not just long but also the world's deepest subsea tunnel. This remarkable depth showcases the engineering prowess behind its construction, offering a safe and reliable passage beneath the fjord.

How was the Construction of Ryfast Tunnel

The construction of the Ryfast Tunnel was a monumental task that began in the spring of 2013 and concluded with its opening in December 2019. Utilizing advanced drilling and blasting techniques, engineers overcame the challenges of working under high pressure and through tough rock formations, setting new standards in tunnel engineering.

Inside Ryfast Tunnel

How Much I Have to Pay to Drive in Ryfast Tunnel?

Traveling through the Ryfast Tunnel comes with a toll, aimed at recouping some of the costs associated with its construction. As of the latest updates, the toll for a standard vehicle without any special agreements is set at 179 NOK (approximately 17.45 euros), providing access to both the Ryfylke and Hundvåg Tunnels.

Exploring Norway's vast landscapes and hidden gems becomes an adventure in itself when you have the freedom of a caravan. With Motorhome Norway, you can embark on a journey through the Ryfast Tunnel and beyond, discovering the serene beauty of the fjords, the vibrant life of cities like Stavanger, and the tranquil charm of Strand. 

Renting a motorhome offers the flexibility to explore at your own pace, turning every trip through the tunnel into an unforgettable part of your Norwegian adventure.

The Ryfast Tunnel is more than just a route from point A to point B; it's a journey through the heart of Norway's stunning natural beauty and a marvel of modern engineering. 

As you plan your next Norwegian adventure, consider the freedom and convenience of traveling by caravan, ensuring that every mile traveled is as memorable as the destinations themselves. Whether you're drawn to the depths of the Ryfast Tunnel or the heights of Norway's mountains, the journey is sure to be extraordinary.

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