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Exploring the Majestic Ski Resorts in Norway

Norway, with its vast snowy landscapes and rugged mountains, offers some of the most spectacular skiing experiences in the world. 

Whether you're a seasoned skier or a beginner, the Norwegian ski resorts cater to all skill levels, combining quality snow, exquisite scenery, and excellent facilities.


Trysil, the largest ski resort in Norway, boasts an impressive network of 67 slopes and 31 lifts. Ideal for families and skiers of all levels, Trysil provides a variety of runs ranging from gentle green slopes to challenging black runs.

Visitors can also enjoy night skiing, a park for children, and several terrain parks. For those looking for comfort and convenience, numerous ski-in/ski-out accommodations make Trysil a top choice for a hassle-free ski holiday.



Known as the "Scandinavian Alps," Hemsedal ranks among the most popular ski resorts in Norway. It offers more than 20 lifts and around 50 slopes with altitudes reaching up to 1,450 meters. 

The resort is renowned for its high-quality snow and extended season, often running from November to early May. Hemsedal's vibrant après-ski scene and activities like dog sledding and ice climbing provide plenty of off-slope entertainment.


Just a stone's throw from Lillehammer, Hafjell hosted the alpine events during the 1994 Winter Olympics. The resort features a mix of 32 slopes and 18 lifts, suitable for all skill levels. 

The resort is particularly family-friendly, with several areas dedicated to children and beginners. The close proximity to Lillehammer also offers visitors a chance to explore Olympic history and enjoy additional winter sports like bobsledding.

Voss Resort

Voss Resort is not just about the skiing; it's about the views. Situated near Bergen, it offers a breathtaking backdrop of fjords which are visible as you descend its 24 slopes. With facilities for both alpine skiing and freestyle, Voss is a versatile destination that caters to diverse tastes and skill levels. 

The resort recently upgraded its facilities, including a new gondola that connects the town of Voss directly to the ski area.

Voss Resort


Geilo stands out as one of Norway’s oldest ski resorts and is highly regarded for its family-friendly atmosphere. Located halfway between Oslo and Bergen, it provides easy access for weekend getaways. 

Geilo offers a balanced mix of 39 slopes and extensive cross-country trails, ensuring that there is something for everyone.


In the heart of Norway, Oppdal offers a distinctive skiing experience with its four interconnected ski areas. 

This resort is known for its wide-open spaces and lack of crowds, providing more than 30 lifts and about 50 slopes. Oppdal is also a prime location for off-piste skiing and has several cross-country trails.


Narvikfjellet offers a unique Arctic skiing experience with stunning views of fjords and the northern lights. Although smaller in size, its location above the Arctic Circle provides unparalleled opportunities for off-piste and backcountry skiing. 

The resort is also known for its long ski season, stretching well into April.



Situated in the upper Setesdal Valley, Hovden is the largest ski resort in southern Norway and is well-suited for families and beginners. The resort features a modern lift system and a variety of runs that cater to all levels. 

The après-ski options, including saunas and indoor water parks, make Hovden a relaxing retreat after a day on the slopes.

Norway's ski resorts offer a blend of adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking natural beauty. From the alpine challenges of Hemsedal to the family-friendly slopes of Geilo, there is something in Norway for every type of skier or snowboarder. 

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With such diverse and high-quality resorts, Norway is undoubtedly a top destination for ski enthusiasts around the globe.

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