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The 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Cities in Norway You Must Visit

Updated: May 10

Plan your trip around Norway today, discover all the fantastic places that you were only able to see on google photos and in travel guides. Norway is an impressive country, where you get the feeling that you will never have enough time to explore it all. It doesn't matter if you plan your road trip to Norway for one or two weeks or even a month, you will never have enough. I guarantee you that as soon as you leave this amazing country, you will yearn for more. You will quickly start planning your next trip to Norway. Planning a road trip around such a state, where magnificent attractions are found at every single corner, can give you a headache. We know you would love to see as much as possible. Therefore, optimizing your time and itinerary is a must. We will help you out to make the itinerary making the process smoother for you. We have prepared a list of top 10 coastal cities you must visit in Norway! They reflect the diversity of culture and nature, showing the best that Norway has to offer!

To be able to travel even more and see all those coastal cities during your trip, plan your trip during the so-called "the season of the eternal sun," which is during the Midnight Sun, when you have up to 19-20 hours of daylight!

Bergen is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Norway

However, winter brings landscapes like out of a frosty wonderland and the show of the Northern Lights too. Then the sky is colored with different dancing and vibrant colors. Regardless of the season, you choose to visit Norway; you will fall in love with it, and you will find something extraordinary at any time.

Port cities in Norway

Most of the coastal cities from our list happen to be port cities at the same time. That is why we decided to divide them into two categories to make it easier for you to prepare your itinerary.

At the very end of this article, you will find a map with all these cities marked on it. That way, you can have an idea of their location, the starting point, and the order you can visit them.

  • Bergen

Bergen should be on the first place of this list of the top 10 coastal cities in Norway, undoubtedly. It is one of the largest cities in Norway. The thing that distinguishes it from other cities is that it was able to keep the charm and the atmosphere of a small town. The streets of this city are always full of life where you can find fresh seafood and local products. Take a walk on the streets of this town, among wooden houses and characteristic mountains in the background. There are plenty of art galleries and museums you should visit too.

Its medieval Bryggen wharf has about 60 historic buildings. Their foundations date back to the XVII century. That is why it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Alesund

Alesund is located on the west coast of Norway. It is worth climbing to the Aksla viewpoint to enjoy the panoramic view of the city, fjords, and the ocean. Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords but here you will be amazed! The picture is breathtaking, so make sure to bring your camera with you. Alesund is the most visited city in Norway, and it is not hard to see why. There is a wide range of activities in the area. Join kayaking activities in the Valldal Valley or a fishing tour to enjoy the Fjords. Several other options will get you as close to nature as possible. If you are not a fan of outdoor activities, there are also other options available for you. Alesund is the cultural center of the region where you will be able to enjoy various festivals throughout the year.

  • Trondheim

The gothic style of this ancient city will make you feel as if you have traveled on a time machine. You should visit here the fortress Kristiansen. It was built in 1681 and has been preserved in excellent condition to this day. From there, you will get a great view of the city. The Gamle Bybrua, the colorful bridge built in 1816 is very symbolic for Trondheim, and you should have a photo there. Trondheim offers many exciting museums so that every museum fan will have a ball here.

A spectacular view over Alesund, one of the top 10 coastal cities in Norway

  • Tromso

Tromso is one of those cities where you can fully enjoy nature. If you are coming here in winter, you will also be able to watch the Northern Lights show. You will definitely not be bored here as the city offers something for everyone. You will find here tours like whale watching and dog sleds. It is the largest city in Northern Norway. It is surrounded by steep mountains and fjords, which can be admired right from the main street.

  • Bodo

Bodo is located on the peninsula, surrounded by the rough sea and mountains and the strongest Maelstrom Sltstraumen. If you are traveling to Norway in the summer, you will be able to admire the Midnight Sun from the hill right outside the city. The fans of bird watching will be in their element! They can thus observe here the largest population of the sea eagles in the world. There is a wide range of boat tours and other activities available in Bodo. There are around 50 000 inhabitants in the city, and it is one of the fastest growing towns in Norway. The local art lovers will enjoy meeting the local artists' community, potters, and jewelry designers. You will definitely find here a perfect souvenir from Norway.

  • Kirkenes

Kirkenes is a small town located very near the Russian border. It is incredibly famous among adventurous travelers. Go on one of the fishing tours on a boat to catch one of the common fishes in this region. If you are coming to Norway between December to April, you will be able to visit the most popular attraction in Kirkenes, which is the Snowhotel. Remember to put some warm jacket though, as it is a bit colder inside than in standard hotels.

The Pulpit Rock in Stavanger, one of the top 10 coastal citis in Norway

  • Stavanger

Stavanger is known as the capital of the crude oil and at the same time as the top coastal city in Norway. The Pulpit Rock rises to 604 meters of height, and it is the most famous place to visit here, and you will be amazed by the panoramic view you will get here. Try local customs in one of the local restaurants or try something unusual in restaurants awarded with the Micheline star! Most of the tourist attractions are within walking distance from the center of the city. You should put on your bucket list museums like the Norwegian Oil Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Canning. Near the old town, you will also be able to admire a complex of almost 170 wooden houses which were preserved in excellent condition.

Best coastal cities in Norway to visit

  • Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is a place where you get the sensation that the fords shaped in the form of a large arm which extends far in the sea. That is where you will find a typical fishing village. Try local dishes made of seafood and lamb here and then have a walk on the sandy beaches of this region. Helgeland and Vega's islands belonging to the archipelago are on the UNESCO world heritage list too. The Lofoten Islands have some kind of magical power of attraction and unique charm. The National Geographic magazine has places Lofoten on the top of the three most attractive archipelagos on Earth! You must visit it!

  • Bronnoysund

If you are planning to visit Norway in winter and you are looking for a perfect scenery for the Northern Lights, Brønnøysund is the right place! It will also be an ideal starting point for the tours in this region. It is an excellent place for bathing and swimming. The endless kilometers of the coast gives a possibility of long walks, picnics, and infinite possibilities of outdoor activities.

Fjords in Lofoten Islands from our list of the top 10 coastal cities in Norway

Best cities in Norway to visit

  • Oslo

Oslo is not a coastal city, but how could I omit it! It is one of the best cities to visit in Norway as it is the capital of Norway and its largest city. An extraordinary coherent and modern architecture is the signature of Norway's main town. You should add it to your bucket list. It is unlike any other capital city, and the best proof is its election to be the European Green Capital of 2019. What is an essential part of Oslo's identity is the live music. Every year you can enjoy here thousands of concerts. Large outdoor festivals are organized here in summer to celebrate the variety of music genres. It is also home to the most awarded baristas and coffee roasters in the world. It is a unique capital. It is an excellent place for children, adults and offers endless possibilities to enjoy both nature and architecture.

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