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Discover the Majestic National Parks of Norway

Norway, a country known for its breathtaking landscapes and pristine nature, is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Norway boasts 47 national parks, each with its unique charm and natural wonders. These parks serve as sanctuaries for a diverse range of flora and fauna, offering visitors the chance to explore untouched natural beauty. 

Whether you're an avid hiker, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Norway's national parks provide the perfect setting.

Most Famous National Parks in Norway

Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park, known as the "Home of the Giants," is a spectacular area in Norway that boasts the country's highest peaks, Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind. This park is a hiker's and climber's paradise, offering challenging treks, breathtaking views, and serene landscapes. 

The varied terrain includes deep valleys, rugged mountains, and over 50 crystal-clear lakes, making it a perfect spot for outdoor activities like fishing and glacier walking. The rich flora and fauna, along with the stunning natural beauty, provide an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Jotunheimen National Park

Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park is a vast wilderness area in Norway, known for being Europe's largest mountain plateau. This park offers a unique nature experience with its flat, endless horizons and rich biodiversity. It is home to one of the largest herds of wild reindeer in Norway, making it a fantastic place for wildlife watching. 

The landscape varies from barren rock to lush valleys filled with wildflowers, providing ideal conditions for hiking, fishing, and cross-country skiing. The park's extensive network of trails and cabins allows visitors to explore the area's natural beauty at their own pace.

Hardangervidda National Park

Breheimen National Park

Breheimen National Park is one of Norway's lesser-known treasures, offering a diverse landscape of glaciers, steep mountains, and lush valleys. This park provides a solitary experience away from the crowds, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and tranquility. 

The varied terrain includes everything from gentle walks to challenging climbs, catering to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. The park's rivers and lakes are teeming with fish, while the dense forests and alpine meadows are home to a variety of wildlife. 

Breheimen's untouched nature and remote beauty make it an ideal spot for hiking, fishing, and exploring Norway's wild side.

Breheimen National Park

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park is a unique landscape in Norway, characterized by its diverse nature ranging from harsh mountain peaks to gentle, lush valleys. This park is one of the only places in the world where you can observe musk oxen in their natural habitat. 

The park's varied ecosystems support a wide range of flora and fauna, including rare species like the Arctic fox and the golden eagle. Hikers can explore the vast, open landscapes, while the more adventurous can seek out the park's numerous peaks. 

The area is also known for its rich cultural heritage, with historical landmarks and ancient trails scattered throughout.

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park is Norway's oldest national park, known for its ten peaks over 2,000 meters, including Rondeslottet, the highest. The park's landscape is characterized by large mountain plateaus and round peaks shaped by ancient glaciers. It is an ideal destination for both light walks and challenging hikes, offering breathtaking views and serene wilderness. 

The park is also home to one of the last remaining populations of wild reindeer in Europe, making it a significant area for conservation and wildlife observation. Rondane is a place of quiet beauty, perfect for those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to the largest glacier in continental Europe, Jostedalsbreen. This vast park offers dramatic landscapes shaped by the glacier's movements, featuring deep valleys, smooth rock faces, and towering peaks. 

Visitors can experience the awe-inspiring sight of blue ice in the glacier arms, accessible through guided tours that ensure safety and provide educational insights. The surrounding areas of the park are lush and teeming with life, offering a stark contrast to the icy wonderland. 

Hiking trails and viewpoints around the park allow visitors to appreciate the glacier's magnitude and the beauty of the Norwegian wilderness.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Raet National Park

Raet National Park, located along the southern coast of Norway, is distinguished by its unique geological history and marine landscapes. This park encompasses a long stretch of coastline, featuring a variety of habitats from sandy beaches to rocky shores and shallow waters. 

It is named after the end moraine of Raet, a ridge formed by glacial deposits thousands of years ago, which is visible across the landscape. The park is a haven for birdwatchers and marine life enthusiasts, offering opportunities to observe a wide array of species in their natural habitats. 

Visitors can enjoy kayaking, fishing, and hiking along the coastal trails, experiencing the serene beauty of Norway's maritime environment.

Lomsdal-Visten National Park

Lomsdal-Visten National Park is a hidden gem located in the Nordland county of Norway, known for its untouched and diverse wilderness. This park features everything from deep, lush valleys and dense forests to high mountains and crystal-clear rivers. 

It is one of the less frequented national parks, offering an authentic wilderness experience for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. The area is rich in cultural history, with ancient rock carvings and traditional summer farms scattered throughout the landscape. 

Hiking in Lomsdal-Visten is an adventure into the unknown, with the promise of solitude, breathtaking natural beauty, and the chance to connect with Norway's ancient past.

Lofotodden National Park

Lofotodden National Park is located at the western tip of the Lofoten Islands, an area renowned for its dramatic scenery, with steep mountains plunging into the sea. This newly established park protects some of the most pristine maritime environments in the Lofoten archipelago. 

The park's rugged coastline, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters make it a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and nature lovers. The area is also known for its rich birdlife and diverse marine species, including sea eagles and whales.

Visitors to Lofotodden can explore the untouched landscapes, enjoy the midnight sun, and experience the unique culture and history of the Lofoten Islands.

Borgefjell National Park

Borgefjell National Park, located on the border between Trøndelag and Nordland counties, is a rugged and remote wilderness area known for its varied landscapes and untouched nature. 

This park offers a true wilderness experience, with its vast, silent landscapes of mountains, lakes, and valleys. It is one of the lesser-known national parks in Norway, providing a sanctuary for those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature. 

The park is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including brown bears, wolverines, and lynx. Hiking in Borgefjell is an adventure into the wild, with opportunities for fishing in pristine mountain lakes and observing the traditional lifestyle of the indigenous Sami people.

Sjunkhatten National Park

Sjunkhatten National Park, often referred to as the "children's national park," is located in Nordland county and is designed to be accessible for families with children. The park features diverse landscapes, from coastal areas and fjords to deep valleys and high mountains. 

Its unique geology and varied ecosystems make it an interesting destination for nature lovers of all ages. The park aims to provide educational outdoor experiences for children, with easy hiking trails, exciting caves to explore, and informative visitor centers. 

Sjunkhatten's enchanting landscapes, including the fairy-tale-like cave systems and the majestic Sjunkhatten mountain, make it a magical destination for family adventures.

Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park, located in Vestland county, is renowned for its breathtaking glacier landscapes. The park is home to the Folgefonna glacier, the third largest glacier in mainland Norway, offering spectacular views and unique natural experiences. Visitors can explore the icy world of the glacier with guided tours, experiencing the blue ice and deep crevasses up close. 

The surrounding areas of the park are lush and green, with beautiful fjords, waterfalls, and alpine landscapes. Folgefonna is also a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, offering summer skiing opportunities on the glacier. The contrast between the icy glacier and the fertile landscapes around it makes Folgefonna National Park a unique and captivating destination.

Folgefonna National Park

The Other National Parks in Norway

Ytre Hvaler National Park

Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park

Dovre National Park

Femundsmarka National Park

Forollhogna National Park

Færder National Park

Gutulia National Park

Hallingskarvet National Park

Junkerdal National Park

Langsua National Park

Lierne National Park

Møysalen National Park

Reisa National Park

Reinheimen National Park

Rohkunborri National Park

Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park

Skarvan og Roltdalen National Park

Stabbursdalen National Park

Varanger National Park

Øvre Anárjohka National Park

Øvre Dividal National Park

Øvre Pasvik National Park

Ånderdalen National Park

Forlandet National Park

Indre Wijdefjorden National Park

Nordenskiöld Land National Park

Nordre Isfjorden National Park

Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park

Sassen-Bünsow Land National Park

Sør-Spitsbergen National Park


Norway's national parks are a testament to the country's commitment to preserving its natural beauty. They offer visitors the unique opportunity to explore diverse landscapes and experience the tranquility of nature. Whether you're seeking adventure, wildlife, or just a peaceful retreat, these parks have something for everyone. 

Visit Motorhome Norway to find the perfect vehicle for your adventure. Remember, the beauty of Norway's national parks is timeless, and by visiting, you're not just a tourist but a part of their ongoing story. Explore responsibly, respect nature, and carry the memories of Norway's natural treasures with you forever.

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